eCommerce Explored: Solving the Overstock Problem

Excess Stock hurts your cashflow, your profits, your brand positioning AND the planet...

Let us help you find the best ways to clear it out of your warehouse AND avoid building it up in the future.

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Next release = Thursday 23 March

As Customer Acquisition costs soar - you need your stock to be working hard for you...

- Being sold to give you the cash for your marketing and next stock purchase.

- Encouraging your customers (old and new) to purchase.

- Clearing out fast so your marketing stays fresh, and you don't have to fill all your marketing channels with discounts.

To help you make your stock work hard we're releasing SIX sessions that will help you to BOTH 

Clear out your overstocks in a way that maximises your margin, minimises the negative impact on the planet, AND does it FAST.


Improve your buying and inventory management so that you avoid overstocks in the future and sell more of your stock at full price.

We've challenged each speaker to focus their advice on the tactics and strategies that will make the biggest impact on your business this year.

No filler, no waffle, just great advice delivered fast.

PLUS, we'll be rounding off the whole series with a Panel Q&A Session featuring several of our speakers answering your questions.



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Our excellent line up of eCommerce experts - more to be confirmed VERY soon.

Preventing Overstocks
Dealing with Overstocks

With our experts, the tactics you need are just a click away

Our experts will be sharing the most up to date, proven ways to manage your stock this year.

If you’re focused on improving your margins, generating ca growing your business we've got you covered.

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