Camilla Olson

Co-Founder, BOD, Savitude

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Camilla Olson is an inventor and holds four U.S. patents with two more in process. She is a serial entrepreneur; was a venture capitalist. She founded two big data predictive modeling companies in the pharma industry: one had its IPO, was acquired, and is now a $2B business; the other was acquired for $95M a year after founding. Camilla returned to graduate school to earn an MFA in fashion design. Her designs have been shown in Lincoln Center as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, on the red carpet of the Academy Awards, Met Gala and the White House. TEDx speaker January 2016. She ran her own eCommerce label for 5 years and transitioned into Savitude, an AI solution for retail returns.

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Do we need a more radical solution to the overstock problem?

13 April 2023, 02:00 AM
Camilla Olson Megan McCann