Megan McCann Camilla Olson

Do we need a more radical solution to the overstock problem?

A Talk by Megan McCann and Camilla Olson

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Broadcasts 13 April 2023, 02:00 AM

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About this Talk

In this session, our event host Chloe Thomas is joined by two experts to answer the question:

Do we Need a More Radical Solution to the Overstock Problem?

Our experts for this session are:

  • Camilla Olson from Savitude
  • Megan McCann from M1LE LONDON

Watch to learn how you can have a more radical answer to the overstock problem.

Useful Links:

Savitude have built the components, to change the industry, fast – those assets need to be placed into the hands of those who have the business systems. So Savitude are seeking a compatible acquirer of the technology including two issued patents.

If you’re interested please do contact Camilla Olson at [email protected] to learn more.

It would be great to have the right person continuing this brilliant mission.

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About The Speakers

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Megan McCann

Megan McCann

Co-Founder, M1LE LONDON

Camilla Olson

Camilla Olson

Co-Founder, BOD, Savitude

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