Our speakers may not be the biggest names in eCommerce - but they are the ones you need to hear from. We pick our speakers because of the value they are bringing to you - the quality of their insight, tactics, strategies and advice. Not the size of their Instagram following.

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Rosie Bailey

CEO & Co-Founder, Nibble

Ronald Dod

CEO & Co-founder, ReaLift

Moe Hachem

CEO, Sneaker Impact

Mark Hook

Inventory Planner, Sage

Ana Llorente PĂ©rez

Doofinder, Global Content Strategist and Team Lead

Megan McCann

Co-Founder, M1LE LONDON

Camilla Olson

Co-Founder, BOD, Savitude

Simon Payne

Co-Founder, Sole Responsibility

Ciara Stockeland

Ciara Stockeland

Chloe Thomas

Podcast Host & Host of the Summit, eCommerce MasterPlan

Matt Williams

VP Returns Prevention, Returnalyze