Moe Hachem

CEO, Sneaker Impact

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I’m Moe Hachem, an entrepreneur whose family has been in the textile industry for over 40 years. I’ve been exporting recycled goods to fund micro-businesses for over three decades and have the logistics down to a science. Through years of experience and expertise, with a passion for recycling and a drive to make this a better world for all, I launched Sneaker Impact. Sneaker Impact was founded based on years of my own personal experience in the textile recycling industry. Throughout my time working in the recycling business, sneakers have always been the most requested item by our clients. So, when I wanted to branch out and start a sneaker-specific recycling company, I did a lot of research not only on why there’s such a strong demand for sneakers in less developed countries, but also about what people end up doing with their used sneakers. 87% of Americans do not recycle anything, let alone their sneakers. Not because they don’t want to, but because oftentimes they don’t know how, or can’t find an easy and efficient way to. This is where we’re proud of the work we do at Sneaker Impact.

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Where else can you sell your excess stock without sending it to landfill?

23 March 2023, 02:00 AM
Simon Payne Moe Hachem