Ciara Stockeland

Ciara Stockeland Ciara has been recognized as a Small Business Champion through SCORE, has held a seat on the United States Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council, and is a Profit First Certified Coach.

Ciara's talk broadcasts 30 March 2023, 02:00 AM

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About this speaker

Ciara Stockeland, has owned and operated businesses since her early teens. As a serial entrepreneur, her business mindset and tenacity led her to opening her first store in 2006 which she then franchised. Her vast experience in both retail and wholesale industries led her to launch the first to market wholesale subscription box for boutique retailers, which she built and sold within 18 months. Most recently Ciara has launched the Inventory Genius, a coaching program for inventory-based business owners.

Through her coaching program, Ciara strives to motivate business owners to build profitability and peace of mind into their business.

In her free time Ciara enjoys training for endurance races and most recently completed her second Ironman in Juneau, Alaska.

She currently resides in Tennessee with her husband Jim and her Great Pyrenees Bentley.


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