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How can you sell your excess stock to your existing Customers?

A Talk by Rosie Bailey and Ana Llorente Pérez

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About this Talk

In this session, our event host Chloe Thomas is joined by two experts to answer the question:

How can you Sell your Excess Stock to your Existing Customers?

Our experts for this session are:

  • Rosie Bailey from Nibble
  • Ana Llorente from DooFinder

Watch to learn how you can sell your excess stocks to your existing customers

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Chloe's podcast episode all about "A promotion exists to get your customers to do what you want them to do as cheaply as possible" here

Find out how Nibble can clear your overstocks with AI Negotiation at

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16 March 2023, 02:05 AM

02:05 AM - 02:50 AM

About The Speakers

Rosie Bailey

Rosie Bailey

CEO & Co-Founder, Nibble

An award-winning win-win negotiation technology for e-commerce.

Ana Llorente Pérez

Ana Llorente Pérez

Doofinder, Global Content Strategist and Team Lead